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Please view my blog using IE,the rest are in chaos!!!!:(

Most people thinks that i am FIERCE o.o
My boyfriend LOHJUNKAI says i am stubborn! O.O
Loves LOHJUNKAI much much because she knows that he loves her much much much!!! <3
Bliss with friends around and she loves them too!
I forgive but not forget!
TRUST is a mutual respect, dun ruin it!!!





♥J Duck♥


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Thursday, November 18, 2010, 12:03 AM
In such a blink, AhGong is gone fr 49days alrdy!

I hope u are doing well up there my dearest AhGong!!

I will always rem u! I LOVE YOU!!!!! :"( <3 <3 <3

Beloveddd AhGong!
Thursday, October 07, 2010, 9:54 AM
I've never cried so hard in my 20years of living.

Rest in peace AhGong!
I love you!
Although i din have the chance t say it out, i really do!

The only precious thing im left with is the photocopied of my AhGong's IC and a picture of his bed!!!!!!

I rem how much he dotes me when im young.
I rem how he drove us ard with his yellow top cab.
I rem how often he came home with fishballs.

Please be my AhGong if there is a next life!

I know that heaven is a better and happier place!
Please take good care!
Lastly, your face, your voice and your everything is forever kept in my heart!


P.S The last thing i did was to touch your face for the very last time!:"()

P.S.S Its the 7th day, please come and see us AhGong!!!!!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010, 5:29 AM
I is leaving for genting now!

Will be back to update this blog!!

Stayy tune to the bloggggging marathon!!!!! :D :D :D

Saturday, March 06, 2010, 8:06 PM
2nd March....
Happpy 20th birdyyy day Lala and Lorrry!

Went timbre to celebrate Feb+Mar babiessssssss!

Reserved the one at old school,
as its nearer to town,
convenient to everyone!

The stairs was very very scaryyyyyyyyy!
stairway to heaven ah!
Got us so breathelessssssssss!

The duck pizza was yummmmy,
bt all our main courses sucks!
None of us finish!

Before going, me n mop was praising tt they are very efficient!
When we reached, their service seriously sucks to the core!

Ask us which table,
expect us to memorize their table number meh!
Refill plain water self service!
Most staff cant speak proper english!
Present cake dunno hw to light candle!

Everyone of us was pekcek!
But of course Lala was the most agitated one among us! lol

Very very grumpy yet cute!
She said ' My wish will never come true, i cant even light my own candle!'

See the big fan behind! How the fire stays???

I am very bushuang, so we total took ard 8 grp pics,
i kept repeating '1more pls, 1 more pls' to the staff!

Wanted to leave some cakes for them,
but save it! bad serviceeee!

After 2nd march,
Teo Gan Chen Chan's pocket got a big big big big big hole!
3 Angbaosss in total!

Lastly hope 3 enjoyed the simple day out!!


Friday, March 05, 2010, 6:33 PM
Happpy 20th birdy day!!

Celebrated lorry's bird day at west coast park!
She requested for a picnic!

The food i prepared was GhimMoh Sec sandwich auntie's idea!!
Something that most love to eat!

The first time i prepared was on chen's birdy day;
BECAUSE Tinky bought the wrong hotdogs and seaweed!

This time rd it was a success!
My sis was the first genuine pig,
she said it was YUMMY!

Everyone says yummmmy tooo!
Still got ppl snatching! LOL

My father was my helper,
he cut the seaweed into smaller piece for me!! :D

My lao bei commented
'such a lazy person like u should jus get softdrinks or tibits!'


packed into the container

Cabb-ed dw to WCP,
very exp siaaaaa!

Tried to surprise the bd girl,
but failed terribly!

Lorry dun worry, ur wish will come true, cause smile till too happy!

Last min bought choco as present for lorry!

Take 1, too blur

Take 2, ok alrdyyy

Take 3, isnt it supposed to be solo with lorrry?!??!?!

Rachie and Lorry

Fen and Lorry

Rachie and Sasa

Sasa and Jing

Jing and me

Jing and Fen

First try; not nice

Second try; sabo, facial expression machiam roller coaster ride!

Rachie very steady, still can pose to the cam!!!

Take pic w/o me!! k la cause i was playing game


Forfeit game!

Eat very disgusting food,
mixing otah and chips tgt
with greentea or sprite!

First winner; tio 2 - 3 times!

Second winner; tio 2 - 3 times too!

Very innocent bd girl was forced to join them!

Very fake smile!

Poor thing, but u have to finish!

Headed to the pyramid after finishing all the food.
Most ppl climbed to the top but only the guys took pics!

Guys can be more zilian than girlsssss!!!
Leaving us at the bottom

Look at our hand, Lorry u are 20 20 20!
My idea;)

Lastly hope u've enjoyed ;)

Thursday, March 04, 2010, 5:58 PM
1st, 2nd Mar...

Went to FEP for grad night shopping,
very last min!

All the dresses were either
not nice,
too long,
loooks FAT!
or cannot try!

Conclusion, im short and stout like a TEAPOT!!
Time for some exerciseeeeeee!!

Went to a chinese restaurant for dinner!

Very yummy

i dun eat the fats! so very little meat left!

This fork is actually over sizedddd bt cant see in pic

After all went gm to slack!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010, 3:51 AM
26th Feb....
Happy Duckie day Jurvia CocoDuck!!! ;) ;)

27th Feb...
Happpy birdy day Jessie!! ;)

Went to Meijing's crib on 26th for steamboat,
to celebrate graduation and jessie's birthday!

The last time to her hse was 2 years back,
i totally no memory of tohguan, til i stepped into her hse!

Her toilet was damn cool!
i din notice 2years back! HAHA

HELLO HANDSOME ZHI HUA! Din know u really snapped! haha

All the girls with Jessie!

All the boys with Jessie

Almost whole W03

After tt went GM to slack!
Have been going GM almost every day!!! ;)